Our Values


Our core values rest on four fundamental pillars, represented by the four waves of our logo!


Developing strategies that trade other people’s money is all about integrity and ethics. Warren Buffet described it perfectly when asked about these. “Having integrity means not doing something that would make you feel uncomfortable if it appeared on the front page of a national newspaper”. That says it all and this is what we aspire to.


In being transparent, we prefer to disclose the same information to our clients that we would like to have, had our positions been reversed.


Nothing in what we do would be successful unless we are disciplined. Developing good investment strategies is not difficult. Having the discipline to stick to them is the hardest part, not only during the good times but mainly during bad times. In applying our strategies our focus is for them to work in either environment. This keeps us disciplined to achieve our goal.


Although positive returns from the securities markets can never be guaranteed, we never forget our main goal which is to aim for satisfactory returns without taking undue risk. All our actions need to have this as an end.