Our Competitive Advantage!

Our Competitive Advantage in the market stems from a number of factors:

Small Size. Our small size relative to the market gives us:

  • ample capacity
  • unlimited investment tools, large opportunity set
  • agility
  • focus!
  • Research¹ has shown that small, well-managed, investment funds tend to outperform most large established funds on a risk-adjusted basis
  • We can exploit the “cracks” of the market which a lot of the large managers find it impossible to do in a meaningful way


  • Very few investment programs exploit both alpha and beta opportunities at the same time
  • Uncorrelated performance streams (equities, indices, bonds, interest rates, currencies, commodities)
  • Uncorrelated strategies (Futures trend-following, equities trend-following, equities systematic value)
  • Our main focus is attractive risk-adjusted returns, using uncorrelated asset classes and uncorrelated strategies all delivering positive expectancy over the long-term


¹ Smaller Hedge Fund Managers Outperform. A study of nearly 3,000 equity long/short hedge funds”, CAIA Association, 18/02/2013.  “Is small better when it comes to investment management”, Canadian Investment Review, 28/10/2014.  “Fund investors find small is beautiful”, Financial Times, 27/10/2014