03/02/2017     Dimacos Diversified Program receives award from BarclayHedge for Top 10 Performance among Diversified Emerging Managers for December 2016pdficons


07/09/2016     Dimacos Capital Ltd partners with Numisma Capital Ltd to bring Dimacos Investment Strategies to Institutional and Professional Investors pdficons


30/03/2016     “The role of the Fund Administrator in today’s market”, by Vassos Kyprianou, published in the Cyprus Investment Funds Association Newsletter, March 2016 pdficons


28/03/2016     “Equities outlook for the next 15 years. Can managed-futures help?”, by Vassos Kyprianou pdficons


15/01/2016     Dimacos Diversified Program listed on the BarclayHedge Database pdficons


22/12/2015     “Managed Futures: Portfolio diversification opportunities”, by IASG ( htmlicon


22/11/1999     “Mr. Buffett on the Stock Market”, Fortune Magazine article published on November 22nd, 1999 htmlicon